One Week Later…

First, I want to apologize for not keeping up on my blog. The first week in Vegas has been crazy busy, but I’ve got some news from the writing front to pass along!

Let’s talk about guest blogs! Have I got some on tap! This weekend I’m featuring Indigo Skye and H.C. Brown, both of whom have been here before from the NRP April Blog Tour. Both of these ladies have some great surprises in store, so stop by and show them some love :)

Meanwhile, I’ve got a spot guest-blogging at Nocturnal Nights on the 20th of every month, in addition to my regularly scheduled Noble spot. I’m really excited about this, as well as my other guest spots: I’ll be appearing on Nichelle Gregory’s blog very soon, and I’ve got a couple of other cameos coming up! I’ll be posting the complete schedule Monday, so be sure to check back for updates.

I may have scored a reading gig at a local comic-book store. Nothing’s definite yet, but as soon as I know for sure, so will you!

The release date for Angels Cry has been pushed back to September 12th. Be keeping an eye around here, because there’s going to be a LOT of very cool things coming down the pike regarding that, including a full trailer for Angels Cry!

And, talking of writing, a funny thing happened. (Well, I didn’t find it particularly funny, except in the way it turned out!)

PayPal, in their infinite wisdom, froze my account after I purchased my copies of To Urn Her Love and Hawthorne, by Elaina Lee and Sarah Ballance respectively. You may remember that they were here the middle of the month. In doing so, PayPal forced Astraea Press to recredit the purchase price to my account!

When I found out about this, I was absolutely mortified. Not only was that $6 for charity, but I could just see a hundred different ways that this would reflect badly on me. So, naturally, the first thing I did was to contact Stephanie Taylor, the editor in chief at Astraea Press. She promptly replied, explaining the whole fiasco.

Stacked on top of a couple of other developments, I SO didn’t need to hear that. The first thing I asked was, “So do I take it I still owe you $6?”

I was expecting a lot of different responses. But NOT this one:

“You want to make it up to me? Write me a Halloween story of 15k words or more.”

A couple of emails later, I told her: “Fair warning. You know this is going to be fodder for an interview at some point, right?”

So now add to my previously impossible writing schedule one for Astraea Press!

I gripe sometimes, but I gotta say: I LOVE my job!

Until next time,


J.S. Wayne

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4 thoughts on “One Week Later…”

  1. So funny. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. Look! My hand is over my mouth right now :-) Halloween has nothing to do with angels, any ideas what you’re going to write about? She certainly is a cheeky woman, yet I think it’s kind of a good deal. 15K J.S.
    Hugs. Chris.

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